I teach people how to grow their own delicious, organic veggies and collect fresh eggs from happy chickens … all from their own backyard. 

Learn how to create your own self-sufficient source of food in any space and enjoy an endless source of homegrown goodness.

Book a Q&A staring one of SoH Farmlet’s animals

You get to ask anything about anything related to living self-sufficiently while enjoying the antics of our mixed menagerie.

Need some help on where to start?

I have been trial and erroring my way through many years of growing my own fruit and veges. I can help you avoid some of the biggest mistakes that new growers make. 

Many excited people get started with the best intentions only to watch their vegetables get eaten by pests, their seedlings die or worse, their planted seeds never germinate! Even for a seasoned grower it can happen and it is heartbreaking.  

Even though a few mishaps are unavoidable you can sidestep many of the common issues. 

If you would like to book a consultation to see how I can help you send an email to jo@sohfarmlet.com.au  with the subject line – I want to get growing for a free chat about what you want to achieve and how I can best help you. 

I have never considered myself to be a gardener or the gardening “type”. In fact, I am well known for my success of killing plants! It is a common joke within my family and close circle of friends about how black my thumb is and my husband always made the comment that the flowers and plants were shaking in their roots whenever I got too close to them. But then we moved into our dream home at our dream location and my interest was piqued. My visits to SoH Farmlet became more than just business and a catch up with friends. Jo’s knowledge and love of sustainable living and permaculture was not only informative but contagious. I started out with succulents to see how I went. They thrived. I decided that I wanted to plant my own herbs. With cuttings from some of SoH Farmlet’s gorgeous organic plants and with Jo’s words of wisdom ringing in my ears, I started my first pot. To date, I have successfully grown parsley, rosemary, chives, basil, dill, brown onions, spring onions, carrots, lettuce, lavender, violas and marigold. We presently have tomatoes, cucumber, and capsicum flowering. My flowers are thriving, and the bees are loving it! My succulent gardens are now the talk of my family! I have even successfully grown a maidenhair fern for the last 12 months, and that my friends, is my crowning achievement! I would love to have some rescue hens but unfortunately, we do not have the space to do so. I would not have known that or about the regulations had it not been for SoH Farmlet’s SoH Simple Guide. I am a visual learner, so I love the videos SoH Farmlet do which are so informative. If you have questions or are curious about sustainable living and permaculture, or you just don’t know where to start, reach out to Jo and Ant at SoH Farmlet and sign up for SoH Farmlet’s SoH Simple Guides and newsletter. I did, and now I am not just a gardener (albeit a novice!) but an AWESOME grower!

Jane M, Novice Gardner & Grower

Keeping chickens is so much easier than you think!

Download my simple beginners 'chicklist' to get you started.

Keeping chickens is so much easier than you think!

Download my simple beginners 'chicklist' to get you started.

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