Ep #20 Interview with Rachelle Winter from twomuddyboots.com

This week I had my very first podcast interviewee on the Self-Sufficiency Made Simple Podcast, and it was AWESOME!!

Rachelle Winter from Two Muddy Boots blog joined me and we had an amazing conversation. We went down some cool rabbit holes together, talked about the fun stuff, talked about the hard stuff and touched on some home truths. 



We talked about

🌼 Connecting with nature

🌽 Growing food

🌿 Imperfect gardens 

🐛 Soil health and compost

👩🌾 Farming practices

🌏 Passion for saving the world & more!

I had been ‘stalking’ Rachelle for some time on Instagram and her blog, taking inspiration, learning and loving what she stands for.  When I reached out and asked her if she would be interested in being on the podcast her response was ‘Sure, but I don’t know what I really have to share’.

Talk about make me giggle because this lady is on a mission to change the world, one person at a time. And, HAS SO MUCH TO SHARE. I know because we could’ve talked for hours and not even scraped the sides. 

So grab a cuppa or a wine, if it’s that time, settle in for about an hour and enjoy a conversation that I know you will love. 


Connect with Rachelle and her Two Muddy Boots 🥾🥾

Blog – www.twomuddyboots.com

Instagram – @twomuddybootz

Facebook – 2muddyboots

Want to know something in particular? Let me know and I will cover it on a future episode.


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I am so pleased and feel very privileged that you chose to join me this week. Thank you!


Let’s do it again next Wednesday. xx

Keeping chickens is so much easier than you think!

Download my simple beginners 'chicklist' to get you started.

Keeping chickens is so much easier than you think!

Download my simple beginners 'chicklist' to get you started.

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