Garden Planning 7 Tips to Make Growing Food Simple


Identify your growing area and type

  • Include compost systems/worm farms
  • Put garden beds in an area you go past regularly or have easy access to, not in a dead area of your yard
  • How far is access water
  • Are you planning on monoculture or polyculture style garden?

Learn what grows well in your climate, area,  garden, and microclimates within your garden 

  • Observe your garden, 
  • Know where the wind comes from, what trees and structures cast shade and at what time
  • How does water flow when it rains
  • If this isn’t your first garden, take note of what grew well last season and what struggled a little. 

Identify what you like to eat – including what you might like to eat all year round

  • What type of plant are they? Tender plant, sprawling, climbing, canopy, shrub
  • How can you prolong the eating, freezing, preserving, drying etc
  • Incorporate as many perennials and self-seeding annuals as possible to minimise time planting

Know how do you want to start plants and identify what companion plants will be suitable

  • Do you want to plant seeds directly, plant seeds in trays, buy seedlings bor take cuttings?
  • What companion plants do you want to grow, what do you want them to do etc. (Listen to Episode 11 – What is companion planting and why is it so awesome.)

Know your planting to harvest times and plan successive planting dates

  • Starting the season early
  • Leave the room or be prepared to make room

If you get frost, hard summers, wet or dry seasons plan for these

  • Make the ‘downtime’ work for you by doing your planning, building structures, refurbing, maintenance etc.

Understand the time needed to inspect and tend to your garden regularly

  • The annual type of garden takes far more work than a permaculture style garden with lots of perennials, self-seeding annuals and various level canopies for protection
  • How will you manage the garden when you aren’t there?
  • Make time to just be in the garden and enjoy it


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Keeping chickens is so much easier than you think!

Download my simple beginners 'chicklist' to get you started.

Keeping chickens is so much easier than you think!

Download my simple beginners 'chicklist' to get you started.

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